Surgical Exposure of teeth

Surgical exposure of teeth is a specialised procedure aimed at revealing teeth that are partially or fully impacted within the jaw. This procedure is done in conjunction with orthodontic treatment to facilitate the proper eruption of these teeth into the oral cavity, ensuring optimal oral health and function.

Common Reasons for Surgical Exposure:

  • Impacted Teeth:
    Some teeth may fail to erupt properly due to being blocked by adjacent teeth or bone. Surgical exposure allows the orthodontist to guide the tooth into its correct position.
  • Canine Exposure:
    The surgical exposure of impacted canines is a common procedure, especially in orthodontic cases. It helps create the necessary space for the canine to descend into the dental arch.
Surgical Exposure of teeth | Oral & Facial Surgery Specialists

Different types of exposures :

Depending on the degree of impaction and your orthodontist preference, exposures can be done as open or closed exposures. An orthodontic button and chain may be attached to the tooth as part of the exposure.

  • Open exposure involves creating a surgical opening in the gum tissue to directly expose the impacted tooth. A dressing will usually be placed overlying the tooth for 10-14 days.
  • Closed exposure exposes the impacted tooth without removal of any tissue and would typically involve attachment of an orthodontic button and chain that will be used to apply traction on the tooth.