Oral, Head & neck cancer

As part of our specialty service, Associate Professor Felix Sim and Associate Professor Shiva Subramaniam have special interest and expertise in the management of oral, head and neck cancers. Oral, head and neck cancers are a group of malignancies affecting soft tissue and bony structures of the mouth, face, and neck. Management of any cancer should be performed within a Head and Neck multidisciplinary team (MDT) to ensure the highest standard of care is made available. Members of this MDT include surgeons of various specialties, radiation and medical oncologists, pathologists, radiologists, nursing staff and allied health staff. All patients are discussed to gain consensus opinion and consider every available treatment option. Both Felix and Shiva are surgeons at Geelong University Hospital, Royal Melbourne Hospital and Box Hill Hospital. 

Treating head and neck cancer is not only about removing the cancer but also the person with the cancer. Whilst no one ever wishes to be diagnosed with cancer, our surgeons and the dedicated head and neck team will help you and your carers navigate through the stressful and often complex treatment journey. 

Reconstructive Surgery 

Surgery following removal of benign tumours or cancer of the mouth can leave significant soft tissue, jaw bone defects and missing teeth that require reconstructive surgery. 

With a background in dentistry, medicine and surgery followed by subspecialty training specifically in head and neck reconstruction, Felix and Shiva are able to offer a tailored approach to reconstruction of the mouth. Utilising advancements in computer aided virtual surgical planning, microsurgery, free flaps, dental implants and 3-D printing technology, reconstruction, in select cases can sometimes incorporate immediate dental rehabilitation. 

Such complex reconstructive surgery and rehabilitation is often done in collaboration with other specialists such as ENT, plastic surgeons and prosthodontists.